Surprising Health Secrets of a Meat Dehydrator for Jerky

More people are using a meat dehydrator for jerky than ever before. From turkey jerky to jerky cures, even a 6 tray food dehydrator can work wonders for your family.

Is beef jerky healthy?

It’s not a food product that you would assume is great for your health. There are some common misconceptions about jerky that we’d like to clear up for you, to help your family enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

A meat dehydrator can also save you money. Junk food varieties of beef jerky are often priced way higher than they’re worth. Although there are beef jerky brands that are exemplary for nutrients and flavor, they can be few and far between.

The most obvious issue is sodium. You can substitute trans fats and low-quality salt for more robust and vitalizing alternatives in your beef jerky recipe. Pink Himilayan salt, for example, is a great option, although you can certainly prepare your brawn, without using salt.

A meat dehydrator for jerky provides opportunities for healthier protein sources. You can also avoid all of the harmful ingredients in conventional beef jerky, such as MSG, high-fructose corn syrup, and a myriad of other dangerous chemicals.

Healthy tips for beef jerky seasoning

No matter which beef jerky dryer you use, jerky seasoning is where most of the flavor comes from. Many people use finely ground and even coarse black pepper, however this is hardly the tip of the ice burg.

Use a meat dehydrator for jerky for high quality herbs, spices and veggies. Save a small fortune by considering heirloom-variety produce. Mushrooms, garlic, onions and ginger are common sources of whole-food health benefits.

You can accomplish this easily with a vegetable dryer (or a beef jerky dryer). Simply place your raw ingredients on the tray and set your automatic timer. When they’re finished, you can grind and store your dry food for later use.

Dry ingredients have a surprisingly long shelf life. They also retain nutrients and flavors extremely well, depending on how you dry them. This is perfect for reducing caloric intake, and diversifying your raw food regime.

If you happen to find jalapeno (respiratory system friendly) peppers on sale in the grocery store, you can purchase them in bulk and save money in the long term. You may not be interested in the hottest beef jerky, but it’s a simple example of making the most out of your shopping trip.

Beef jerky recipe dehydrator and beyond

There’s no one best recipe for your meat dehydrator for jerky. Enthusiasts and everyday families are constantly finding delicious, practical and creative methods that work perfectly in their home.

A few basic examples include:

• Teriyaki


• Peppercorn

• Salt and pepper

• Cider variations

• Meat alternatives, such as fish, veal, venison, turkey and pork

You can produce varieties of dry beef jerky by using dry aged beef, as well. You must use a specially designed dry aging setup before trying this on your own.

The dry aged beef process is complex, and may give you food poisoning. Precise heat, humidity and time specifications and more are required in order to guarantee safe consumption. 

Using a jerky dehydrator is not only healthy, but allows you to enjoy amazing, robust recipes while also saving money!

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