About Us

Who We Are

Home Dehydrator Pro started as an initiative to help people gain independence and enjoyment for their families. Take control of your well-being, no matter what happens nationally and worldwide. We believe that a food dehydrator can add confidence and security to any home.

About Us

Diversity is our middle name. We believe that every home should be protected from dangerous weather conditions, adverse economic cycles and the like. Although not everyone has the same advantages, our goal is to help every family in the US strengthen their emergency preparedness.

It’s our mission at Home Dehydrator Pro to provide these advantages as objectively and reliably as possible. Knowing that our children, relatives and friends won’t have to go without a meal is a quality we feel that everyone deserves.

Global Economic Considerations

Saving money is another critical advantage. Many global and national events have opened our eyes to the possibility of being left without supplies. As you know, without food, it’s hard for a family to survive.

Supplies can dry up quickly. Aside from the looter mentality that occurs when a population’s survival is at risk, many families have lost everything. Without running water, a large store of food or the ability to communicate with family members, circumstances can become chilling.

Many homes have a small survival supply ready. Because resources like gasoline often get recycled, or used in the daily regime, many people are caught off guard when situations occur. This includes one of the most basic, critical supplies – food.

Imagine being totally prepared for 60 days or longer. Even without fuel in your car’s tank, your family has more than enough food to eat. Home Dehydrator Pro seeks to empower you to implement a plan that can protect your home and keep you out of the dark.

This is our dream and vision; families taking control of their own safety, sustenance, health.

Affordable Healthy Living

Families shouldn’t have to spend a small fortune for healthy foods. Part of our core mission is helping people take advantage of quality, organic and natural food options.

We believe it’s an integral part of any long-term food strategy. When medical supplies are scarce or satisfying food becomes too expensive, it’s necessary a reserve of genuine and authentic foods. You can save money by buying produce in bulk and drying it for future use.

Growing a home garden is an excellent way to produce quality foods at a better price. As you know, it’s not always feasible to grow foods all year long. Even with an indoor growing operation, yield is likely to be limited.

We want to help you take advantage of the long-term options for your food. Whether its herbs, veggies, fruits or even livestock and game, we stand by you and want to help make the most of your food supply.

We love the versatility of this simple kitchen gadget.

Company Founder

Company Founder

Hi, I’m Kevin Jansen, founder of Home Dehydrator Pro.

I’m an advocate for solutions that provide families with objective, independent living. After researching the standard of living in the United States, it became startlingly apparent that we need a way to take control of our own lives.

National events tend to affect everybody. I saw food dehydrators as a way to simplify and take control in turbulent and even dangerous situations. Nothing can replace a strong home with food on the table, and those family dynamics are the true inspiration for Home Dehydrator Pro.

It’s my belief that failure to plan is a plan for failure. Delivering on your expectations for performance and economy will play an enormous part in your long-term strategy.